Woman Admits to Butchering Ex-Lover & Serving His Remains to Workers

A woman has been accused by UAE prosecutors in Al Ain of murdering her ex-lover and serving up some of his remains in a meal she offered to construction workers, according to a report by The National.

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According to the police, a Moroccan woman has been arrested on charges of killing her long-time lover of seven years after he revealed to her that he was about to marry another woman from his own country.

Woman Admits to Butchering Ex-Lover and Serves his Remains to Workers in UAE
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Woman Confesses to Murdering Ex-Lover & Serving His Remains

Authorities did not reveal how the woman had killed her ex-lover, but shared that she had maliciously cooked part of his remains to make machboos – a traditional Middle Eastern dish of rice and meat akin to biryani and served it to a group of construction workers near her residence.

The woman had then thrown out the rest of her victim’s remains to feed the dogs in the neighbourhood.

Al Ain prosecutors confirmed that the woman had admitted the murder and stated that it was out of revenge for dumping her after seven years of financial support.

The victim’s brother, who lives in Ajman, had filed a missing person report back in January when he learned that the two were no longer together when he visited them in their residence. The woman had also told him the reason for their break-up.

At that time, the victim’s brother had spotted a tooth inside a blender, which gave rise to the suspicion of homicide. This ultimately led to the woman’s arrest and admission to the horrible crime.

The Al Ain Police then ran DNA tests on the recovered tooth and confirmed that it had belonged to the dead victim. The investigation had also revealed that the woman had called a friend to come over to help clean the house and to get rid of the remains.

The woman would be turned over to Al Ain Court to face charges of premeditated murder.

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