277 New Cases, 1 Death and 23 Recoveries Announced, Total Cases in UAE Reach 2076

Breaking News: 277 New Cases, 1 Death and 23 New Recoveries of the outbreak by UAE on a Monday afternoon – April 6, 2020. This brings the total reported cases in the UAE to 2076. This announcement was by the Ministry of Health and Prevention. These new cases were infected as they did not adhere to preventive measures and social distancing, in addition to related cases of travelling abroad.

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The new cases belong to different nationalities, all of which are stable and subject to the necessary health care.

23 number of new recoveries were also reported which brings the total number of recoveries in the UAE to 167.

1 New Death has been reported and belongs to an Asian nationality. The total Number of Deaths so far as reached 11.

Total Number of Cases in UAE as of April 6, 2020

  • Confirmed Cases – 2076
  • Recoveries – 167
  • Deaths – 11

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ministry of health and prevention

Below is the full statement from the report via WAM news:

During the periodic briefing of the Emirates government on the developments of Covid 19.

2076 – The total number of cases diagnosed with corona so far in the UAE.

23 new cases were recovered and fully recovered from symptoms of the disease, bringing the total to 167 in the country.

– 11 deaths are registered in the country, and a new case of an injured Asian citizen has been registered.

– The UAE government is following up with the private sector to raise the efficiency and capabilities of electronic shopping.

– The celebration of the right to tonight is a social event and a popular heritage, but the circumstances do not allow the revival of its traditions today.

Abu Dhabi, April 6 / WAM / The UAE government today held a “Monday” regular media briefing in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to review the latest developments and cases related to the new Corona virus emerging in the country. To prevent the virus.

277 new cases.

And Dr. Farida Al Hosani announced during the briefing the registration and monitoring of 277 new cases of newborn corona / Covid-19 /, it was identified by examining those who had contact with previously announced injuries, and with the registration of new cases the total number of diagnosed cases reached 2,076 cases in a country UAE.

Dr. Farida explained that the recorded cases are due to different nationalities, all of which are stable and subject to the necessary health care, and pointed out that the increase in the number of injuries is due to the lack of commitment of the preventive and preventive measures, physical spacing and quarantine procedures, in addition to cases related to travel abroad.

On the other hand, Dr. Farida said: “We regret announcing the death of a victim of Asian nationality, and with the case of death, the total number of deaths in the country reached 11 cases.” I went out with my sincere condolences and sympathy to the family of the deceased and his family, and stressed the UAE’s keenness to communicate with them and provide The support needed for them during this period, and facilitating the implementation of any measures to support them.

23 new healing cases.

And Dr. Farida Al Hosani announced the healing of 23 new cases of people infected with the emerging coronavirus Covid-19 and her complete recovery from symptoms of the disease after receiving the necessary health care since her admission to hospital. The total number of cures reached 167 cases recorded so far.

And Dr. Farida explained that our health system, with the strength of its investigation and continuous follow-up on a large scale, enabled the health authorities to monitor new cases and said that this monitoring and investigation, which we have reached with the total number of cases, has an important aspect is that the UAE with all its medical teams is able to discover The virus and its locations as soon as possible.

She emphasized that the UAE does not view the increase in cases with a negative perspective, but rather, on the contrary .. Our intensification of examination procedures and expansion of its scope to all citizens and residents enhances our success in containing all infections and limiting the spread of the virus further and thus eliminating it.

Follow-up to the private sector to raise the efficiency of electronic shopping.

The spokesperson for the health sector in the country said that the UAE government is keen in such circumstances to follow closely and closely to the needs of all citizens, residents and visitors, by providing them with their basic needs and requirements for their affairs of life, which are a priority.

She added that the government is aware that there are pressures on electronic purchases and their delivery in a timely manner, especially after reducing the exit and staying at home, and assured the public that this issue is a priority at this time and the UAE government is working closely with the private sector and outlets to facilitate electronic purchases and raise their capabilities And to overcome challenges, while noting that work is being done with the private sector on that, and the necessary action will be taken in the coming hours.

She drew during her message to the celebration of “The Right to Tonight” and said it is a social occasion and usually one of the customs of our society in which young and old celebrate, but today, and in these circumstances, we must ensure that we reconsider it.

Al-Hosani added: “For everyone’s health, we must move away from the customs of celebration and the gathering of families, the exit of children to the homes of neighbors or the streets, and refrain from distributing and sharing sweets, distributions, etc. among people.”