63 New Cases Announced, Total Cases in UAE Reach 468, Sterilization Program Extended

A new 63 cases of the outbreak was announced by the UAE Government on March 28, 2020. This brings the total reported cases in the UAE to 468. This announcement was made on the official Twitter account of the government of UAE – @UAEGov. This was also announced by the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

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The number is quite alarming because it’s less than 24 hours before the previous 72 cases were reported. Now another new 63 cases were confirmed.

63 Cases – The nationalities of the new cases include: one person each from Kyrgyzstan, Somalia, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria; two from each of Afghanistan, Kuwait, and Nepal; three from each of Egypt; four from Britain; six from Pakistan; eight from UAE, and 30 people from India.

Total Number of Cases in UAE as of March 28, 2020

  • Confirmed Cases – 468
  • Recoveries – 55 
  • Deaths – 2

Below is an update from the Ministry of Health and Prevention:

coronavirus updates uae march 28
Image: MOHAP

Below is the Tweet from @UAEGov regarding these 63 new cases:

Below is the translation:

uae announces new 63 cases

UAE Disinfection Program extended until April 4 – 6am

On another announcement, the sterilization program has been extended. MoHAP and the Ministry of Interior on Saturday announced that the National Sterilisation Programme has been extended.

The country is currently on a National Disinfection Program for 3 days where residents are advised to stay home between 8pm to 6am. Those who need to go out will require to get permission and register via website. So please be advised that the program will continue until April 4 – Saturday.

Below is an announcement from Dubai Media Office:

Below is the Tweet of the said extension:

Below is the translation:

april 5 extension uae disinfection

Please see the sudden increase in numbers. In less than 2 days, a jump of 100 new cases were reported. So to everyone please stay home: