My Assessment Day Experience for an Airline Company

A couple of months ago, I applied for a job as a Customer Service Rep (Call Center) in an airline company. They were conducting an Open & Assessment Day for Airport Services Agent, and Call Center employees and managers for their expansion. This was a good opportunity for me to apply since I already have call center experience in the Philippines.

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I submitted my resume and passed the Math & English Exam. I also passed the Speed Interviews wherein I had to talk to 5 managers who asked a single question each. They called me for the second stage of Assessment Day two weeks after.

This time, we were given one round of paper exercise to assess how we handle customers by replying to a complaint given by a customer. I passed that round as well. On the third round, we were to handle ourselves in Group exercises where we would discuss scenarios. On this, they will check how we interact with group members of different backgrounds and nationalities. Unfortunately, I did not pass this stage.

It was such a bummer and I felt really down during that day. If I had passed this round, I would’ve have to go through Mock Phone Calls stage and then a Final Interview.

But I did not pass the airline Assessment. Now I have to wait around 6 months to reapply should there be an opening again. This would’ve been a perfect time since I was only in my current job for about 5 months and if ever I would get the Customer Service job, I wouldn’t have to worry about my Limited contract status since I will have worked for a government-owned business.

It sucks because I already have experience back in the Philippines when I worked in a call center. However, I did not give my best which resulted to my failing the assessment process. I’ll just wait for other opportunities hopefully in another government organization or in the Freezone list.

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