14 Shops Fined by Dubai Economy for Hiking Prices of Face Masks

Given that the UAE has already advised residents to wear face masks whenever they go out, there are shops that are taking advantage of the needs of residents by inflating and overpricing the prices of face masks. Recently, The Dubai Economy has fined 14 shops for this offense.

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Dubai Economy Imposes Fines on 14 Merchants (9 Pharmacies, 5 Supermarkets and Supplier) for Exploiting Prices on Face Masks

Dubai Economy has imposed fines on 14 merchants for inflating the prices of face masks to exploit the rise in demand for hygiene essentials following the nationwide alert against the new coronavirus, COVID-19.

The merchants fined for tampering with prices included nine pharmacies in Nad Al Hamar, Al Mizhar, Nad Hessa, Sheikh Zayed Road, Hor Al Anz, A Twar, Al Qusais, Umm Suqaim and Al Warqa, and five others included two supermarkets and suppliers, said a statement issued by Dubai Economy on Sunday.

The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection, CCCP, sector in Dubai Economy issued fines to the 14 merchants following consumer complaints and due investigations, including tracking the supply chain to verify the price. A repeat offense would attract double the fines and may lead to closing down the outlet.

Dubai Economy reminded businesses to refrain from taking undue advantage of the present situation and also called on pharmacies and medical equipment suppliers to demonstrate their social responsibility by reducing the prices of essentials, such as face masks, sanitisers, and disinfectants.

Please Report Complaints

Consumers can raise their complaints and queries relating to price increases of their basic needs, including hygiene essentials, on the price.ded.ae portal or by calling 600 54 55 55.

Below is the Tweet from the Dubai Economy: