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Amid the growing conflicts in the Middle East, GCC member nations such as the UAE, Bahrain, and Kuwait are all doing their part to put the interests and safety of their citizens as well as residents first in response to the situation that’s been playing out in the region for several months now.

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Especially at a time when Muslims gather to unite under one virtue and aspiration, governments are exerting efforts to maintain peace and to use their influence to thwart a possible breakout of war over power in the region that could deal more harm in the region’s autonomy, economy and power in more ways than one.

UAE Rescues 3 Filipino Workers Held Captive for 10 Months in Libya

Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Three Filipino Engineers Repatriated by UAE Following Rescue from Captivity in Libya

In relation to this, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Ministry of Foreign and International Cooperation  announced that the government has secured the release ad repatriation of four engineers—three Filipinos and a Korean—who have been held captive by armed militants in western Libya since July last year, as shared in a report by the Inquirer.

In a statement released by the ministry, it disclosed that it had received requests from the Philippines and South Korea, and with “solid cooperation and coordination between the UAE and the Libyan National Army, led by Field Marshal Khalifa Hafter, search efforts had continued and resulted in finding the four Asian nationals safely.”

According to the Emirati foreign ministry, the four rescued civil engineers of a desalination plant, were airlifted to the UAE capital before being repatriated to their home countries.

With the three Filipinos’ repatriation, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) expressed its gratitude to the countries that aided in the release of the three Filipinos and a Korean national.

Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Locsin Jr. shared, “We are glad that we are able to bring them home alive and safe to their families. These Filipinos coming home to their families are living proof that the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) will never leave a Filipino in danger behind.”

According to the statement released by the Emirati foreign ministry, the release of the innocent civilians has been accomplished after intensive efforts to convey a message about the significance and importance of strengthening security and peace in Libya, and to contain criminal practices by armed groups who hold civilians captive without any consideration to international charters and norms.

All of these have been violated, as the involved party did not consider that these civilians work for companies that are serving national interests of Libya and its people.

Libya has been affected by a civil war for almost a decade already since 2011.

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