UAE Government to Sponsor Schooling of 700 Kids of Medical Workers

The UAE government through the Ministry of Education (MoE) announced that 700 kids of healthcare workers will be given free education starting this school year.

The medical frontline workers’ kids will be able to study in UAE public schools for free until they reach Grade 12, the ministry explained.

UAE Gov't to Sponsor Schooling of 700 Kids of Medical Workers

UAE to Grant Free Education to 700 Children of Healthcare Workers

The initiative was launched to recognize the efforts of medical frontline workers, who have led the fight against COVID-19 in the UAE, the Khaleej Times reported.

The recognition and perk are a token of thanks and gratitude as these health workers have not ceased in rendering their service, risking their lives for the community to overcome the ongoing pandemic. 

Dr. Sajeev Nair, a pulmonologist at LLH Hospital in Musaffah, acknowledged the warm initiative of the UAE government, noting that it has lifted their spirits and boosted their morale to do better at their jobs in fighting the virus and treating patients.

We thank the UAE government for this great initiative. Education is important to everyone and having kids of frontline study for free makes us love our job even more and gives us the courage to continue taking care of people’s health and saving lives,” he shared.

Another frontline health worker, Dr. Sekhar Warrior, a cardiologist at Lifecare Hospital in Musaffah, said that it is such a great honor to be recognized by the UAE government.

“The UAE government has exerted a lot of effort in fighting Covid-19 and we are proud to be part of these efforts,” Warrior said.

This has not been the first time the UAE government has acknowledged the service and dedication of frontline healthcare workers in the fight against COVID-19. 

At the early onset of the pandemic, back in March, the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum was among the first to express his gratitude and appreciation for the healthcare workers, who have been hard at work in supporting the government in its fight against COVID-19. In line with this, he launched a social media campaign with the hashtag, #ThankYouHeroes.

Again, on World Health Day, April 7, Sheikh Mohammed personally extended his thanks and appreciation for the service of all healthcare workers in the UAE through a video he posted via his social media channels.

And in May, a Filipina nurse working in Dubai had the privilege to talk to Sheikh Mohammed and share her and her colleagues’ situation during the time when the country was rallying behind the frontliners’ efforts to contain the spread of the virus in the UAE through various initiatives launched. 

The decision to grant free education to the children of frontline healthcare workers in the UAE is not only a token of appreciation to the efforts of these brave workers but an important step to guarantee the future of healthcare workers who have devoted their time and expertise in serving the residents of the UAE when they could have been at home with their families – far from the threat of the COVID-19, which has already claimed hundreds and thousands of lives all over the world.

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