Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi Creates New World Record

As dark and mysterious Batman is, the caped crusader has certainly left a mark and has developed a huge following for his heroic efforts in fighting crime in order to keep Gotham City safe. Despite being a fictional character, the superhero apparently has inspired droves of fans to set a new world record in Abu Dhabi, no less.

On his 80th anniversary and fittingly dubbed as Batman Day, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi has recently snagged a Guinness World Record for the “Largest Gathering of People Wearing Capes.”

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi Creates New World Record
Credits: WAM

New World Record Set at Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi Event

During the event held last September 21, thousands of guests donned black capes featuring Batman’s famous logo for the event, showing their appreciation for Batman’s unceasing efforts in using all of his gadgets, abilities and resources in stopping criminals like the Joker and Mr Freeze from causing havoc around the world, as shared in a report by WAM.

Gotham City and Warner Bros. Plaza in Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi filled with excited guests who donned the famous black cape, for a day of celebration and fun-filled entertainment activities including interactive paragraphs, meetings with beloved characters and other special surprises. Batman fans received many gifts and souvenirs during the celebration.

At the event, Batman greeted guests who were keen to mark the anniversary by celebrating a new Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people wearing the Super Heroes robe. Family and friends will continue to experience the best of Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi.

On his special day, DC’s character was honored by observing Batman Day when the Bat-Signal lights up in major cities worldwide.

Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi which officially opened in July last year is one of the world’s largest indoor theme parks, where guests travel to a magical world of unique adventures and experiences in six theme parks including Metropolis, Gotham City, Cartoon Junction, Pedroc, Dynamite Galch. Warner Bros. Plaza, with more than 29 games and family entertainment facilities.

Catch all the fun and excitement on Batman Day at the Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi through this video shared on YouTube by 7Dnews:

Furthermore, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi is the world’s first Warner Bros. branded indoor theme park. It is located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi. To know more about the indoor theme park, you may visit their official website and check out official promotions as well as upcoming events.

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