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Dubai Health Authority

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) recently launched the “Ataa’ wa Saa’da” initiative, which translates to “Giving and Happiness.” The benevolent project seeks to provide free health treatment for patients who have limited means. The project is in line with the UAE’s “Year of Giving” initiative, through the leadership of the President, His Highness Sheikh Khalifa… Read More

Starting this August, residents of Dubai can complete all their medical tests in just one place. This is made possible through a new electronic system that the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) will launch in their Medical Fitness Centers around the city. Getting a medical test is mandatory for all expatriates in Dubai and across the… Read More

dubai health authority careers december 2014

The Dubai Health Authority or DHA was specifically created to provide accessible and effective healthcare system. The DHA manages various healthcare facilities including the hospitals Latifa, Rashid and Dubai. Various DHA health centers also spread across Dubai. DHA has opened various openings for its multiple facilities in Dubai. Positions include for the job of a… Read More

The other day, my boss told me that I needed to get my medical certificate. I was given a piece of paper with some attached documents. The paper contained an online receipt of the payment they made so I could head to the Dubai Health Authority. I asked where I should have my medical exam… Read More