How to Protect Yourself from Coronavirus in Dubai

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted people globally with thousands of reported cases. It’s best that we arm ourselves with proper precautionary measures against the outbreak.

To provide a brief insight, the Coronavirus is referred to a family of viruses affecting people with severe lungs and kidney issues. The disease originates from mild fever and cough to become contagious. Among the commonly experienced outbreak include the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV) and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV), and now the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19).

China is considered as the first country from where the COVID-19 originated. It further spread to other parts of the countries carried by travelers. According to statistics, as of March 5, 2020, there’s been a total of 94,556 confirmed cases and 3,280 deaths.

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6 Preventive Measures Against Coronavirus

Though the fatality rate of the virus is only 2%, yet its influence is severe and has the likelihood of becoming a pandemic. In case, if you get caught up with the infection its best to seek medication from the Medical Center in Dubai. Some precautionary measures are there to protect adults and kids from the disease.

1. Avoid Close Contacts

You must avoid shaking hands and making close contacts with people as the virus becomes easy to get transmitted. The symptoms do not become obvious during the early period when the virus affects your body so in this way you will not be able to observe who is affected by it.

2. Maintain Proper Hygiene

Wash your hands and face as many times as you can if you are out in public or at work. Even if you are at home, you must maintain hygiene. The bacteria are so powerful that they stay alive for almost 24 hours at the surrounding of the effected one. Therefore, keep yourself clean and avoid the risk.

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3. Keep a Sanitizer in your Bag

When ruing errands or attending corporate meetings, you may not be able to wash your hands frequently and may even have to shake hands as a corporate gesture; therefore, the mos safest tip is to keep a sanitizer in your bag. Take a drop or two after every while and sanitize your hands.

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4. Use a Face Mask

Do not forget to put on the surgical mask when going out in public. It will cover your nose and mouth keeping the germs away from getting inside your body. However, the UAE has advised against the use of N95 mask as it can stay tight on your face and assure to provide a greater level of protection.

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5. Drink Ample Amount of Water

The stomach acid is so strong that they can kill the virus within your body. Therefore, you need to keep your mouth wet by drinking water as much as you want. In this way the germs will not reside in your mouth making its way towards your lungs, instead, they will pass out to the stomach and eventually get killed and flushed out. If the germs reach out to your lungs it will cause fatal health problems and might even be a cause of death.

6. Eat Well-Cooked Food (Especially Meat, Chicken& Eggs)

You must cook your food properly. Avoid eating steaks and half-fried eggs. The bacteria can even get transmitted through the meat of the animals. Completely avoid eating raw meat. Wash it properly, add the spices to properly marinate it and then cook it evenly from all sides.

What To Do if someone is coughing?

You should carry a pack of pocket tissue with you. Cover your mouth if you find somebody sneezing or coughing around you. A simple cough may even indicate the presence of the bacteria. You can even wash your face, hands and drink a glass of water if you have doubt of catching it.

How To protect Kids From The Virus?

It’s difficult to protect kids. You cannot cage them in your house, they will get out and in public will be around dirt when playing, and yet you have to make sure to protect from catching the viruses. A child is prone to catching the bacteria much more quickly than adult catches. Plus, if you ask him to wear a mask or to avoid anybody contact with other kids, he or she might not be able to follow your commands strictly. So, the safest precautions to follow involve keeping them clean and washing their hands and face as many times as you can. Along with this, keep them hydrated.