41 Cases, 3 Recoveries, 2 Deaths Announced, Total Cases in UAE Reach 611

Breaking News: 2 new deaths, 41 new cases, along with 3 new recoveries of the outbreak have been announced by the UAE on a Monday evening – March 30, 2020. This brings the total reported cases in the UAE to 611. This announcement was made on the official Twitter account of the Dubai Health Authority.

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The total number of recoveries have reached 61 and the total number of deaths has reached 5.

42 New Cases – The nationalities of the 42 newly confirmed cases include: 1 person each from China, Syria, the Philippines, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Poland, Malaysia, 2 persons each Brazil, Bangladesh, Ireland, Egypt, Britain, 3 persons people from Italy, and 20 people from India.

3 New Recoveries – The recoveries include 1 person from Sri Lanka and 2 people from India.

2 New Deaths – The 2 tragic deaths include an 48-year-old Arab woman who suffered from heart diseases, blood pressure and diabetes, while the second death comes from a 42-year-old Asian who also suffered from heart diseases.

One person from Sri Lanka and two people from India, bringing the total number of cures to 61 recorded so fa

Total Number of Cases in UAE as of March 30, 2020

  • Confirmed Cases – 611
  • Recoveries – 61
  • Deaths – 5

Below is an update from the Ministry of Dubai Health Authority:

uae covid cases march 30 2020
Image: Dubai Health Authority

On another note, the Ministry of Health and Prevention posted that the UAE has carried out 220,000 tests in the country. New test centers will be launched as ordered by HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan across the UAE.



As the country is currently on a National Disinfection Program, everyone is advised to stay home between 8pm to 6am. Those who need to go out will require to get permission and register via website.

Also, be aware of the Fines and Violations of Quarantine & Preventive Measures. Let us all do our part in staying at home as we combat the virus.