Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton to Set up Vegan Burger Joint in Dubai Soon

Dubai has been one of the top-listed cities the rich and the famous regularly visit and enjoy going back to. From seeing the city’s inspiring smart and modern-day living ambiance in commercials to luxurious fashion magazine covers, the city has enough star power to attract only the biggest and brightest stars of today’s generation.

With the city’s plush amenities and facilities, there’s no reason for any of them (or us) to not love Dubai. And if you thought Dubai can’t get any more popular with the stars, another legend in the field of sports has decided to set up shop in the food industry in the emirate and it’s none other than Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton!

F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton to Set up Vegan Burger Joint in Dubai Soon
Credits: Lewis Hamilton/Twitter

F1 Superstar Hamilton to Open His First Vegan Burger Chain in UAE

A new plant-based burger joint, backed by vegan Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton, opened its doors to the public in London on Monday (September 2), as shared in a report by the Arabian Business.

Customers lined up in long queues to get their fill of meat- and dairy-free burgers, hotdogs, and shakes at the Neat Burger joint in the shopping district off Regent Street. The London store is one of the 14 branches being eyed by the brand to roll out over the next 24 months, including Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Dubai.

The organic selection of products is made from Beyond Meat’s vegetable-based patties, to which Neat Burger adds its signature blend of herbs and fresh ingredients to give it a unique flavor.

Neat’s is the latest fast-food chain that Beyond Meat has tied up with, adding to the likes of market giants KFC and Dunkin’ Donuts. The faux meat-producer has so far focused on creating burgers, sausage, and ground beef, but is also working on developing a vegan alternative for bacon.

Neat’s selections include burgers called The Neat, The Cheese, and The Chick’n, and offers Just Water, the beverage line launched by Hollywood actor Jaden Smith in 2018, and Toast Ale, beer made out of spare bread.

Of note, the London branch gave out free 1,500 burgers during its first three hours of opening.

Want to know more about Lewis Hamilton’s commitment to ethical eating? Here’s a short clip posted by EuroNews (in English) via YouTube:

According to Big Food, Neat’s parent company, it’s their first-ever international, plant-based burger joint to open this year.

And interestingly, they are in it for the business of not only helping consumers develop healthier choices, but also to help the environment because for every burger sold, a tree will be planted in locations such as Nepal, Madagascar, and Kenya in partnership with reforestation organization Eden Projects.

We all can’t wait for the newest burger craze to reach Dubai shores! It’s going to be the perfect social brand that promotes healthier and ethical eating without sacrificing the taste.

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