11 OFWs Denied Entry to Dubai

To all OFWs, please make sure to always stay updated with the rules when you are going back to the country where you are working. Even if you may have a valid residence visa, given that we are all facing a crisis, we need to be aware of updates in terms on a country’s policies.

Recently, GMA News Online reported that 11 Filipino expats in Dubai were denied entry upon arriving in the emirate due to lack of requirements.

The Philippine Consulate General in Dubai has issued an advisory to reminding all Dubai-bound Filipinos to secure necessary permits before flying to the emirate. UAE residents with Dubai-issued residence visa must obtain approval from Dubai’s GDRFA prior to the departure from Dubai. Without the approval to return to Dubai, you will not be allowed entry into Dubai. If you hold a residence visa from other emirates, you need to get approval from the ICA.

The announcement was to ensure the convenience and safety of all Filipinos who are traveling to Dubai, in light of the UAE’s current health and safety protocols enforced in its points of entry. 

Paalala para sa ating mga kababayan na may hawak na resident visa sa UAE na kasalukuyang nasa Pilipinas at nagnanais na bumalik sa UAE. Maari pong basahin ang anunsyo upang kayo ay magabayan sa inyong planong pagbiahe pabalik sa UAE.

pcg dubai advisory secure dubai permits to enter
Image: PCG Dubai

PCG-Dubai to Dubai-bound Filipinos: Secure Permits from All Relevant Authorities Before Traveling 

In the statement posted by the Dubai PCG through its Facebook page, it said: “The Philippine Consulate General in Dubai wishes to remind Filipino residents of the UAE who are returning via the Dubai International Airport to secure approval from the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs(GDRFA) or the UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA).”

The consulate also added that if Filipinos possess a Dubai-issued residence visa, they must obtain the approval from the Dubai General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs(GDRFA) before their departure.

Failure to do so will mean getting offloaded and being prohibited from entering the country.

The advisory also noted that those who hold a residence visa issued by other emirates must get their permits from UAE’s Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA).

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All Filipino residents in the UAE who are planning to return to the country are further advised to keep abreast of entry regulations to the UAE and coordinate with their airlines when planning their return,” the advisory explained. 

Earlier this year, airlines including the Emirates and Etihad Airways also reminded their passengers to first secure approval from the GDFRA or the ICA, depending on which emirate they plan to travel during these times.

As a warning, the Emirates also urged travelers to only book their flight tickets after they have received the approval from either the GDFRA or the ICA. Once approved, travelers will be required to input the resident file number issued by the authority on the booking page. 

Furthermore, there are several guidelines that all returning residents and travelers must abide by when traveling to Dubai. The strict measures and safety protocols aim to strengthen the UAE’s fight against the spread of the coronavirus coming from international travels. 

In line with its announcement, the PCG-Dubai also shared relevant links through which travelers can apply for a travel permit from the ICA or the GDFRA, whichever applies to their case. 

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