Filipino Engineer in Dubai shares experience surviving COVID-19

A Facebook post from the Department of Health Philippines shares an experience of a COVID-19 survivor in Dubai. Engineer Ruffy Niedo showed symptoms of the virus and tried to self-medicate. However, after a week, he sought medical attention and went to the hospital. That’s when he was diagnosed that he was indeed positive of the virus and that he was in a severe state.

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It’s a good thing that he followed the instructions of the frontliners and survived from this infection. He was quarantined for almost 40 days in the hospital.

Below is his full statement:

“I thought my sickness was due to the weather. Since April is a hot season here in Dubai, I tried to medicate myself. However, I did not expect it to become worse. After almost a week, I felt dry coughs that I almost cannot breathe. I sought medical attention and rushed myself to the hospital. That was only the time that the medical personnel told me that I was infected with coronavirus and that I was in a severe state. I was admitted in the critical ward because at that time, the ICU was full. The medical personnel taught me how to survive and assisted me in order for me to avoid intubation. At that time, I was very weak, depressed, and worried since I was alone. I was almost dying since my lungs were full of pneumonia. Only the Filipino frontliners gave me courage to fight… I’m very thankful to them. I followed their instructions in order for me to survive.. I was quarantined for almost 40 days in the hospital.

When you get infected with COVID-19, avoid self medication. Seek immediately for medical attention. Only the specialist knows what treatment should we have. Sana po makinig tayo sa mga payo ng ating mga doktor. Sila po talaga nakakalam kung anong pamamaraan ng panggagamot sa sakit na ito.

When you feel sick even with the mildest symptoms, don’t hesitate to seek medical attention. Based from my experience, I was already severe when I rushed in to the hospital. Luckily, I still survived thanks to the doctor or frontliner who gave me medical care. Also, don’t forget to pray.”

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Image: Department of Health PH

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