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Working in the UAE under a visit visa or a tourist visa is illegal. You must change your visa to an employment visa first before reporting to work.

We received a question from one of our readers. I am still waiting for my Work Permit from my Employer, but they told me I should start reporting to work for my training. Is it okay for me to start my duty?

Secure an Employment Visa First Before Working

A tip for all Dubai residents, in case you get employed, you should have your work documents processed by your employer before reporting to work. You are only allowed to work legally if you already have a work permit.

Searching for a Job on a Visit Visa / Tourist Visa in Dubai
Arriving in on a tourist visa or visit visa, you have the option to search for jobs in the UAE. This is good compared to other countries where you are not allowed to search for jobs with a tourist visa.

Once you have secured a job, you will have to convert your visa status to an employment visa prior to working.

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According to a report from GulfNews, there is a 50,000 AED Fine for people caught working on a visit visa and will be banned from entering the UAE. Aside from that, companies who employ individuals will also face penalties.

What Happens if I Still Choose to Work Without a UAE Employment Visa?
There is a risk of getting fined and deported if you choose to work without securing your work permit. You also run the risk of getting blacklisted (you cannot return to the UAE on a work visa). Also, you will not have any bearing when you file a dispute against your employer (if you have issues at work) because in the first place, you are working illegally.

That is why it is VERY important that you wait and secure your employment visa first before reporting to work.

I’m Still Waiting for My Employer to Process my Visa…
If the company is still processing you work visa, then you need to FOLLOW UP with them of the status. Remember that whoever issued your current visa (tourist visa/visit visa) is responsible for your stay. And if you Overstay, they (your sponsor) will also be responsible for paying the fees and getting penalized.

We hope that this serves as a reminder to everyone to please DO NOT agree to work on a visit visa or tourist visa.

Note: Information posted on this site only acts as a guide. We wrote this article in response to an inquiry from our readers. We want to help everyone get a better understanding of the processes in this country. Please use this post as a tip, but if you have any further questions or clarifications, it is best to contact proper authorities – the Ministry of Labour (for work issues) and Ministry of Interior (for visa immigration questions).



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